Sunday, June 5, 2011

MLB Power Rankings Week 10

  1.) St. Louis Cardinals (36-25)
-The Cardinals grab the top spot this week even after losing the 4 game series to the Giants at home. They managed to bounce back and sweep the series against the Cubs with the help of Albert Pujols, including 2 walk off home runs against the Cubs. Matt Holliday will also be back soon, and will bring some punch to the lineup. The key match up will be alter in the week against the Brewers.
2.) New York Yankees (32-24)
- The Yankees move all the way up from 7 to 2 after winning 7 of the last 10, and C.C Sabathia finding more consistency. The power is starting to find its way and the Bronx Bombers are heating up again. Meanwhile Phil Hughes is progressing nicely and will add even more depth to their rotation when he gets back.
3.) Philadelphia Phillies (35-24)
- The Phillies team that sat at No.1 for weeks falls thanks to a 1-4  week which includes losing the series to the Pirates. Their offense was limited by Pirates pitchers and the bullpen gave up late runs to lose games. Their spot atop the NL and the N.L will not be safe for much longer if they continue to play like this.
4.) Texas Rangers (34-26)
- The Rangers hot bats have now lifted the team to a 5 game winning streak, and winning 8 of their past 10 games. Derek Holland threw a CG Shutout on Saturday against the Indians, and they are starting to build their lead in the East. Nelson Cruz has continued to swing a hot bat and has really delivered some power as of late/
5.) Boston Red Sox (33-26)
- What started off as a red hot team cooled down a bit after being swept by the White Sox and knocking them out of 1st in the AL East. They bounced back to take the series against Oakland, and now are only 3 games back of the Yankees, who they play later in Week 10, in a battle for 1st in the AL East. The main concern is Clay Bucholz who has been dealing with a nagging back injury.
6.) San Francisco Giants (33-26)
- The Giants woke up this week taking the 4 game series vs. the Cardinals on the road then following it up by taking the series against the Rockies. They are now 1/2 game ahead of the Diamondbacks for first but the story for the team continues to be their pitching. Which even with Eli Whiteside at catcher is still looking dominant.
7.) Arizona Diamondbacks (33-27)
- The Diamondbacks are still hot after winning their last two series to stay a 1/2 game back of the Giants. Chris Young and Justin Upton are hitting well and getting on base, and J.J Putz continues to be stellar in the 9th. Even after being knocked off by the Nationals, the Diamondbacks are still playing well.
8.) Milwaukee Brewers (33-26)
-The Brewers are starting to creep up on the Cardinals thanks to their hot offense and stellar pitching from Yovanni Gallardo. After losing the 3 game series to the Reds, the Brewers bounced back to take the 4 game series vs. the Marlins on the road, and put them only 2 games back of 1st place. They will take on the Cardinals later this week, in a battle that could put them in 1st.
9.) Cleveland Indians (33-24)
-This team has really fallen off in the last two weeks. After starting off hot the Indians have lost 7 of their last 10 and losing 4 straight, they now look to be falling back to earth. Their pitching has really fell apart and Asdrubal Cabrera is the only offense they have right now. The question now is, how much longer can they stay in 1st place?
10.) Atlanta Braves (32-28)
- The Braves bullpen has been the driving force for them this season. Jonny Venters has been the perfect set up man with a .5 ERA on the season, and closer Craig Kimbrel has been a strikeout machine. Brandon Beachy is still 4 weeks away, and Jason Heyward will be out for a long period of time. For a team missing some key parts, they are doing well.

11.) Seattle Mariners (31-28)
-The Mariners continue to dazzle opponents with their pitching and they continue to win games because of it. Winners of 7 of their last 10 games, Felix Hernandez, rookie Michael Pineda and comeback pitcher Eric Bedard have lifted this team into 2nd in the AL East. Unfortunately for them the Rangers are hot as well, which is why they are still 3 games back of 1st.
12.) Detroit Tigers (31-27)
-Miguel Cabrera hit 4 HR;s this week and has helped the offense wake up, and start winning games. The team has won 7 of their last 10, and Justin Verlander has been dominant. Max Scherzer is still having issues giving up 17 ER in his alst 3 starts, They are now only 3 games back of the slumping Indians and could take first very soon.
13.) Toronto Blue Jays (30-29)
-The Blue Jays are slowly making their climb in the A.L East. Winners of 6 of the last 10 they have moved into 3rd place in the East, and trail the Yankees by 4 games. Jose Bautista has not hit a HR in the past week, which is only surprising for him, but he has managed to lift his BA by .03 points. Jo-Jo Reyes also picked up his first 2 wins of the season after going 28 straight starts without even one.
14.) Florida Marlins (31-26)
-The Marlins were close to taking 1st before the week started but after losing 7 of their last 10, including 4 games in a row they are now in 3rd place and 3 games back of first. Things only got worse when they found out their Ace Josh Johnson is still not near ready to a rehab appearance, and Hanley Ramirez is also headed to the DL. Things are not looking good for the Marlins in the upcoming weeks.
15) Tampa Bay Rays (30-29)
-The Rays have started to struggle losing 7 of their last 10 games, and dropping from 2nd in the AL to 4th in one week. Evan Longoria and B.J Upton have struggled a bit, and James Shields was terrible Friday against the Mariners. The bright spot for the Rays this week, will be having 11 of the first 75 picks in the Amateur draft on Monday. Hopefully, some of those guys can develop into good MLB players.
16) Los Angeles Angels: (30-30)
-The Angels did not have a great week losing both 3 game series to the Royals and the Yankees, and are now 4 games back of 1st in the AL East. Jered Weaver picked up his 8th win against the Yankees, and is the lone bright spot right now for the Angels.  The Angels also suffered a tough break when Dan Haren had his back flare up during a bullpen session, forcing him on the DL.
17.) Cincinnati Reds (30-30)
-The Reds seemed to be getting off to a good start after taking the 3 game series against the Brewers, but that momentum was extinguished after losing to the Dodgers at home, and ruining what could have been a good week. Jay Bruce has cooled off a little bit after a MVP performance in May, but Joey Votto has turned things around hitting 2 HR;s in the past week. Edinson Volquez will be back soon and Bronson Arroyo had a good start after struggling recently.
18.) Pittsburgh Pirates (28-30)
-The Pirates picked up alot off momentum after upsetting the Phillies and taking the 3 game series. Their pitching was key in the two wins holding the Phillies offense to 4 runs in 23 innings the first two games. They now are only 2 games back of .500 and the young team is showing signs of life.
19.) Chicago White Sox (28-33)
-The White Sox surprised everyone by sweeping the Red Sox early in the week, and it appeared the team was starting to turn things around. Unfortunately it was short lived after losing the series vs. the division rival Tigers, they lost some of their momentum. Edwin Jackson has started to turn things around, but John Danks has been awful and my lose his spot in the rotation if he does not show any signs of improvement.
20.) New York Mets (28-31)
-Jose Reyes missed some games due to the death of his mother, but the team still managed to win a few games without him. They are winners of 6 of the last 10 games, and all without Ike Davis and David Wright. The team is still under a shadow because of ownership and the knowledge that Jose Reyes will not be a met by July 31st.. Dillon Gee has shocked the baseball world and has a 6-0 record with a 3.33 ERA on the season.
21.) Los Angeles Dodgers (28-32)
-The driving force for the Mets has been Matt Kemp who has 16 HR's 48 RBi's, and is hitting a nice .323 on the year. He is playing like the N.L MVP and is helping his team get things going. He helped the team to a series win against the reds, to give the Dodgers 6 wins in the last 10 games, and puts them in 3rd in the N.L West.
22.) Colorado Rockies (27-31)
-The Rockies continue to struggle as a team, after losing both 3 game series to the Giants and the Dodgers they are now 7-11 in 1 run games. They are closing in on last place in the N.L West, and they still aren't getting contributions from Gonzalez or the rest of the offense. This month has to be praying they have a better record in April then May.
23.) Oakland Athletics (27-33)
-The A's have were swept this week and now have lost 6 games in a row, which leaves them 7 games back of 1st in the A.L West. The team had a tough schedule against the Yankees and the Red Sox. Their offense showed some signs but their pitching failed against some elite offenses. Andrew Bailey came back against the Red Sox, but blew his first save of the year.
24.) San Diego Padres (27-33)
-The Padres are starting to play well again, winning 7 of their last 10 games. Mat Latos has found his command and is now pitching like it is 2010. They are still 7 games back of first, but may not be in last place for long thanks to the Rockies poor play.
25.) Baltimore Orioles  (26-31)
-The Orioles looked good last week but now have lost 7 of the past 10 games, and lost the series to the Blue Jays and the Mariners, Zach Britton has looked more like a rookie in his past few outings, and the team has really struggled all around. Zach Britton is finally back though, and will hopefully bring them some nice help to a poor rotation.
27.) Washington Nationals (27-33)
-The Nationals maned to take 2 games out of 4 against the Diamondbacks, thanks to young Catcher Wilson Ramos who has shown he can hit for power as of late.John Lannan still has yet to pick up a win in his last 7 starts. Jordan Zimmerman continues to pitch well even with the bad record.
 26.)  Kansas City Royals (25-34)
- How bad is it for the Royals right now, their top trade chip Joakim Soria was horrendous in the Closer role, and he voluntarily removed himself from it. Eric Hosmer has showed why scouts love him so much, and could provide some competition for Michael Pineda in the R.O.Y chase.
28.) Chicago Cubs (23-34)
- The Cubs continue to pile up the loses and have only won 2 games in the past 10 days. Their pitching has been dreadful, they have had little to no offense on a consistent basis, and the bullpen continues to ruin any chances at a win. The only bright spots are the young players who are starting to get called up.
29.) Houston Astros (23-37)
-The Astros are starting to progress forward at a very slow rate. They are getting closer to moving out of last place in the N.L Central, and they have been missing Wandy Rodriguez and Brandon Lyon. Hunter Pence has woken up and has a .310 average on the year with 43 RBI's. Once Rodriguez comes back this team could start picking up a few more wins.
30.) Minnesota Twins (21-37)
-The Twins are showing that they may have found the light at the end of the tunnel. They are on a 4 game winning steak, and while they still have the worst record in the league they are climbing the ladder slowly. Joe Mauer is starting to play in rehab games, Nishioka will be back in a week or two, and that will finally give the Twins lineup some needed firepower.

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