Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ricky Sapp Interview

Ricky Sapp came out of Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School and in his Senior season went on to record (82 Tackles, 25 for loss, and 11 Sacks) earning All American Honors by USA Today. He was rated as a 5 Star prospect and after, multiple offers from some of the top programs in the country such as Florida State, Oklahoma, Georgia and South Carolina, among others. He eventually decided to attend Clemson where he spent 4 years creating havoc for QB's in the ACC. In his 4 years as a Tiger, with 16 Sacks, and 139 Total Tackles. Sapp was drafted in the 5th Round (134th Overall) by the Philadelphia Eagles. He spent one year as an Eagle before he was released because of knee injuries. Sapp signed with the Jets in 2011 and after spending the early part of the season on the Practice Squad, was put on the Jets active roster. Going into 2012, Sapp is healthy and poised to show his talents in New York.

So without further a due, here is the interview

Q: You were one of the most highly recruited defensive players in 2006, what was that process like of taking visits to all these elite colleges? Also what was it like for you and your family knowing you got to go to any school in the country for free?

Sapp: Well first and farmost it was a dream come true. I must admit I was shocked at first at how many schools i talked to and had the chance to visit.  To be able to go to school free was a blessing me and my family and we enjoyed every bit of the experiance 

Q: You were teammates with the late Gaines Adams in your freshman year at Clemson, what was it like being teammates with him, and what do you remember most about him?

Sapp: To play behind such a great great player was just a blessing, because I got the chance to learn from him on the field and also off the field.  He was such a great person and taught me alot about the game and about life.

Q: What was draft day like for you? What are some of the moments you remember about that day, and when you found out you were getting drafted?

Sapp: Well to be even in the NFL draft was just a dream come true for me.  I didnt get drafted where i thought I would, but just getting drafted was enough for me.  I was jus thankful someone take a chance on me.

Q: What has been your most memorable game in your football career, at any level?

Sapp: My senior year when we played G-tech for the first time and we were down by like 21. We came together as a team and came back and put up a great fight.  

Q: Your Head Coach is Rex Ryan, what is it like day to day to have him as a coach, and what is your most memorable experience with him?

Sapp: Well whenever you play for a coach like him it always makes you want to play even harder.  I just love the way he coaches and how he prepares us for games.

Q: What was the transition like going from College Football to the NFL, and how did you handle the transition?

Sapp: Well the one thing about making that transition is that you have to know its a job now.  I have learned that its best to find a vet and follow his lead.  So thats what im doing now with the great vets the jets have on this team.

Q: Twitter has become a hot topic for everyone across the globe, especially professional athletes. With their being such a microscope on the lives of you guys, where of you draw the line between Tweeting and keeping to yourself?

Sapp:  I never believed in putting my personal business on the internet for everyone to see.  I enjoy talking with the fans and just putting positive stuff on twitter to make people get thru their day.  

Q: What Grinds your Gears?

Sapp: lol, you know what #grindsmygears I went to burger king the other day and gave the lady a big bill to pay for my food and she got mad at me... "hello y u mad for do your frapping job" G'wiz "im sure you had career day in highschool' lol

I want to Thank Ricky Sapp for giving me the chance to do this interview, and I want to wish him the best of luck in 2012.

You can Follow Ricky Sapp on Twitter (@Sapp92) 

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